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To edit your Account Info


1) When logged in, look for the box that says “Welcome Back (username)” Underneath, click on the “Edit” button on the first row.


2) From here, you can edit your email and password using the specified fields listed on the page


3) you can also upload a new photo to associate with your profile. Maximum dimensions are 600x600. Please make sure your avatar doesn’t violate our Terms of Service.


4) Make sure to hit “Save” to ensure all of your account updates are saved to your profile.



To Update Your Profile Bio



1) Wanna make your profile a little more “you”? Then add a bio! Once logged in, look for the black box that says “Welcome (username)” underneath and to the right of the top menu bar. Click on the “Edit Profile” button on the first row.


2) Input your bio in the “About Me” field! Make sure it doesn’t violate our Terms of Service policy.


3) To ensure this is you making this update, and not somebody else updating your profile, input your gender, birthday, and country below the Bio field.


4) Click “Save”


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